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Every business can benefit from the power of the internet. Even though I have been doing online marketing for a long time, sometimes I even forget that. Recently, several of my relatives started their own business as Avon marketing consultants. It is a simple business model that relies on selling make-up and other related products to friends then setting up parties to meet more people and sell more products. Along the way, you grow a group of other representatives that do the same. Since this is typically a face-to-face business, it can be easy to forget about using the internet. That, however, can be a huge mistake because there are a lot of people out there that know about Avon and want to purchase products, but don’t know anybody who sells it so they have to turn to the internet. Below are a couple Avon marketing tips to get you started.

The easiest way to start your Avon marketing efforts is with local directories. Among these is Google Places, or Google Plus Local as it is now called. All you have to do is sign up and list your business. Many people don’t think of this because they don’t have a physical business. All you do is use your home address. Don’t worry, you can select to not have your home address shown to the world. In many areas, all you have to do is list your Avon business and people will start calling.

Another easy way to market your business is using videos. You can create a YouTube channel and upload product videos and tell people how to contact you so they can sign up to order or even become an Avon consultant for you. The videos can be you talking about the product on camera, a presentation you created and recorded, or an automatic video created on a site like Animoto. Make sure to let people know how to contact you on each video so you can turn them into customers or representatives.

I know these 2 tips are very vague, but they are super simple to do. If you would like more detailed information, make sure to put your name and email address in at the top of the page and sign up for our free local business training. One of the videos goes into details on exactly how to submit to business directories. In the video, you can see how to get a first page Google listing in less than 45 minutes.

Thanks for visiting and I hope these tips will help you get started with online Avon marketing. Now put your name and email address in above to get the free training videos. If you have found this helpful, I would appreciate it if you tweet, like, or share this page in any way you can.


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